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Inexpensive and small purchases are often gratuitously packaged and poorly designed. It is your task to re-design the packaging for a dollar item ($1–5) of your choosing. The re-design should not greatly increase the product’s price point but should add to the value of the product. Think outside the standard box, jug, or bag and exhibit the qualities/properties essential for sustainability. 
• Reduction of overall materials...size matters 
• Reusability: can the package have a life beyond retail/ consumer experience? 
• Recyclability of all material specified for the packaging

Tampons and sanitary pads are bought from people who go through menstrual periods monthly. They are overpackaged and use so much plastic. I want to create sustainable packaging that will help us and the environment.

Seguros was launched in 2021 with a primary ambition to cater to the market's urgent need for an organic hygiene product. We have achieved this by designing a sustainable product while keeping in mind your comfort and safety. 
Seguro, a Spanish term, translates to “ensured,” to have our customers feel ensured that they are safe and helping the environment. We have created plastic-free and Eco-friendly sanitary pads that are biodegradable at the same rate as an orange peel. These sustainable alternatives to conventional period products are safe for women and transgender men made of 100% organic cotton. 

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