Packaging, Branding, Art Direction
It was my task to design a systematic set of packaging consisting of three separate packages. The design had to communicate the brand story through its visual voice and tone. The look and feel I establish will create consistency through its well-ordered grid system, appropriate graphics, typography, and materials.

Quin’s Knits was founded by Quin Martha in 1962. We offer supplies for those interested in knitting. Our goal is to create a place filled with color, texture, and inspiration. We want our customers to feel comfortable with our high-quality and affordable products. We carry many knitting and crochet products in all sorts of colors and materials.
Our proposed brandmark represents our love for knitting and represents our founder’s first initial. We wanted the colors of our logo to bring a sense of tranquility and comfort.

Quin’s Knits will primarily target individuals who have a knitting hobby, and those who want to learn how to knit. Individuals who become a customer are those who enjoy quality alone time or spending time with others, and those who enjoy our high quality and affordable products.

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