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A diverse workforce is more likely to understand customers' needs and come up with ideas to fulfill them. Diversity in the workplace will also increase employee morale and instill a desire to be more effective and work more efficiently. This will greatly increase the productivity of businesses.
Although, employers have a hard time recruiting diverse candidates, a great way to find diverse candidates is by asking their employees to refer candidates from underrepresented groups. Websites like LinkedIn have a referral option, but many other job search sites do not have the referral feature. For example, Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor.

In order to create a referral system for Indeed, I will need to design a  job referral experience for Indeed members so that they can ask for a referral from an organization employee, and create an employee referring system for employees that are willing to help these job seekers.
With this new system, Indeed users will be able to find jobs easier, but more importantly, employers will be able to recruit the best diverse candidates to make their businesses more successful.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion – frequently referred to as DEI – is the umbrella term for the programs, policies, strategies, and practices that execute a company’s mission to create and sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, no matter what an employee’s:
- Ethnicity
- Sexual orientation
- Gender identity
- Physical ability
- Religion
- Age
- Marital status
- Socioeconomic status
- National origin
- Veteran status

- An essential aspect of building engaged and happy employees
- Increased job satisfaction
- Higher levels of trust
- Many benefits it can bring to the business
- Broader perspectives
- Understand customers better
- Gain global appeal
- Opportunities for all
To dive into the project, I conducted extensive research on recruiting diverse candidates.
Here are some key statistics I found within my research:
- 44 percent of new hires are employee referrals
- 55 percent of employer referrals get hired faster than candidates from company career
- HR professionals rate employee referrals as the No.1 source for quality hires
- Recruiters and hiring managers have found employee referrals to be one of the most 
  effective ways to discover talent and find the best candidates for a position
Employment referral is a method for finding potential new employees through recommendations from current employees. Anyone can refer an applicant to a job by informing them of a job opening or sharing an applicant's resume with a hiring manager. Employers rely on referrals to learn about quality candidates who have already been vetted by a trusted employee. Most companies have an official employee referral policy or programs to encourage their employees to bring in quality talent.
Interviewee: Mario Dominguez
Position: Store Manager for 6 years
Experience: Worked at Ross for 17 years
Q: As the store manager, did you take care of the interviews?
A: Yes, I was able to view who has sent in an application and pick the best candidates.

Q: Did you believe that it was important to have a diverse workplace?
A: Of course! Diversity & Inclusion is one of Ross’ values, along with Growth, Respect, 
     Humility, etc.

Q: How were you able to find diverse candidates?
A: I simply asked current employees to look for diverse candidates who were looking for a       job to apply to our Ross store.
Q: Were you in charge of writing the job descriptions?
A: No, Ross Dress for Less has their own website where people can apply, and they
     immediately show its values and how important they are to the company.
Q: Do you think referrals help job seekers get the job?
A: Yes, we get applications every day & I do not have the time to look through every
     application. So referrals do make a difference when current employees tell me
friend has applied.

Q: If I want a referral feature on Indeed, what has to be true?
A: Indeed is different from LinkedIn and does not show people that currently work there. Add a
     section of people who work there that are open to referrals.

Q: If I want to help people write their referral message, what has to be true?
A: Include some pro-tips to help users write their messages.

Q: If I want the new feature to fit the same experience that Indeed portrays, what has to be true?
A: Include the same design elements like fonts, flow, icons, grid, etc that Indeed already has to
     keep the same experience.

Q: If I want current employees to be able to view the request, what has to be true?
A: Include a section in the menu for referral requests/messages with a notification icon.
1. Navigate through the screens by clicking on the appropriate areas.
2. Most buttons will have a hover state that changes their appearance.
3. You can also use the arrow keys to go back or forward.
1. Navigate through the screens by clicking on the appropriate areas.
2. Most buttons will have a hover state that changes their appearance.
3. You can also use the arrow keys to go back or forward.

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